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Plain Black And White Photographs and Images

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Black Ibis, Pseudibis papillosa

This is one of the older pictures I took with my Lumix-FZ5

The black Ibis is a nice little bird, the red head makes it stand out and look a lot more attractive than it is :)

Black Ibis in flight

The Black Ibis, Pseudibis papillosa is a species of ibis found in parts of south Asia. It is often found in dry land is not as aquatic as many other species of ibis.Black Ibis (Pseudibis papillosa), also known as Red-naped Ibis, is a common breeding resident in Haryana. Sexes alike, this largish black bird is found at lakes, marshes, riverbeds and irrigated farmland. It has a curlew-like long down-curved bill, black head with a patch of crimson and white patch near the shoulder. It generally forages on margins of wetlands in small numbers, is gregarious, nests on trees, and breeds from March to October in North India

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