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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Brahminy Starling, Sturnus pagodarum

The Brahminy Myna (or "Mynah") or Brahminy Starling (Sturnus pagodarum) is a member of the starling family of birds. It is a resident breeder in eastern Afghanistan, Nepal, India and Sri Lanka.

This is a cute little bird, which does not look all that great till you see it in profile and see the little tuff of hair on its head.

The adults of these 21cm-long birds have grey upperparts and reddish-orange underparts and black wing quills. The head has a black crown, nape and crest, and the underneath of the tail is white. The bill and the strong legs are bright yellow, and there are yellow wattles on the gape. The recumbent crest may be fluffed up when the bird is excited. The sexes are similar; young birds have crestless sooty brown head and dull general coloration.

This picture shows the tuff of hair I was talking about.

This passerine is typically found in dry forest and scrub jungle. Like most starlings, the Brahminy Starling is fairly omnivorous, eating fruit and insects. It builds a nest in holes. The normal clutch is 3-4 eggs.

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