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Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Little Green Bee-eater, Merops orientalis

Well there are bee eaters and there are BEE eaters.

This one was having a really bad 'BAD HAIR DAY'

The Little Green Bee-eater, Merops orientalis, is a near passerine bird in the bee-eater family Meropidae. It is resident in a belt across sub-Saharan Africa from Senegal and The Gambia to Ethiopia, the Nile valley, western Arabia and Asia through India to Vietnam

Finally managed to get a bee eater eating a bee !! Mighty please with this one ;)

Picture of the bee eater showing me the prized catch

Holding the trophy aloft before it went straight down its throat

Like other bee-eaters, this species is a richly coloured, slender bird. It always has green upper parts, but the head and underpart colours vary widely depending on the subspecies. Thus, southeast Asian birds have rufous crown and face, and green underparts, whereas Arabian breeders have a green crown, blue face and bluish underparts. The wings are green and the beak is black. It reaches a length of 16-18 cm, including the two elongated central tail feathers. These elongated tail feathers are absent in juveniles.

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